What’s new with Salesforce?

Packed full of events and press releases, September proved to be a particularly busy month. Salesforce - the world's leading CRM software and enterprise cloud ecosystem - knows that for sure.

Judge for yourself. With one of the world’s most anticipated tech conferences - Dreamforce 2018 - and the launch of the Winter ’19 Release, Salesforce has created even more innovative solutions and networking opportunities that will be beneficial to all, irrespective of industry or company size.

But what are those tremendous possibilities for advancement in the way companies work with their clients? We've gathered the latest Salesforce updates for you to dive into the world of true customer success.

The (Sales)force awakens

Dreamforce 2018 is now nothing but a memory. But what a week it was!

Being the most important Salesforce event of the year, Dreamforce kicked off on September 25th at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, welcoming over 2,700 sessions and
170,000 attendees ready to go on the biggest adventure of 2018.

This year’s conference proves that Salesforce and its products are continuing to evolve and this fact definitely makes us - as a
Salesforce development and consulting company - energized and excited for the year ahead. And here are the reasons.

The four days of the conference were focusing on one specific area.

Day 1: Trust

The first day was marked with social-related questions. For instance, Salesforce.org, the philanthropic arm of Salesforce, announced $18 million in grants to address important issues facing the city of San Francisco, such as public education, homelessness, and cleanliness.

Also, the conference has underlined the important role that women play in driving the future of tech, and the fact that humane technology is still possible, even in times of the powerful persuasive technologies.

The participants and others discussed the problem of dealing with customer service frustration. Luckily, Salesforce brings an end to that problem with a new Salesforce Customer 360. To support a unified consumer experience, Customer 360 will provide a click-based admin interface to easily share and manage your data across Salesforce apps.

Day 2: Innovation and AI

The second day of Dreamforce brought some inspiring news for developers.

Apple and Salesforce teamed up to develop iOS CRM apps aimed at delivering great customer experiences for businesses around the world. These applications will be able to use Siri Shortcuts, FaceID, Business Chat, and other features.

What’s more, it was announced that Salesforce is launching its next generation of low-code tools on the Lightning Platform for companies to collaborate and build apps faster. This makes it possible to create intelligent and connected experiences without starting from the very beginning.

T his year, a flourishing Artificial Intelligence technology took center stage, as the company continues to focus on this trend through its Einstein brand. Salesforce enables users to just talk to the software without touching a keyboard by using Einstein Voice Assistant and Einstein Voice Bots.

Day 3: Equality and sustainability

Phrase of the day: Sustainability rules!

It’s a well-known fact that Salesforce is committed to creating a more equal and sustainable world. It was noted that the ‘sustainability revolution’ is now a bigger business opportunity than ever before.

This day was dominated by the topic of using Salesforce’s ecosystem as a part of a solution to many global problems such as the climate crisis.

At the Marketing Cloud keynote, it was also possible to learn how to build your brands and grow ROI from the world’s most innovative companies such as Warner Bros. Entertainment, Ticketmaster, and BBVA.

Day 4: Personal empowerment

How many tech conferences have the whole day devoted to self-empowerment and mindfulness? Well, we guess, not too many. But Salesforce is another story!

The conference concluded with a few thoughts on personal happiness, how to develop your skills to get your career to the next level and, finally, how to infuse awareness into everything we do in our daily lives.

Hot winter is coming…

We are sure that this winter you won’t feel the cold. Why? Because the Salesforce Winter 19 release will definitely heat things up!

It seems like only yesterday Summer ’18 was released, but it’s time to prepare for another update! Let’s have a look at some pleasant surprises from Salesforce.

It includes new features across the entire platform, such as Service Cloud, Pardot, Einstein Analytics, and Sales Cloud.

As Lightning is now at the top of the agenda, Salesforce introduced new ways to encourage users to switch to Lightning Experience.

Say hello to Quick Text! Now, it’s possible to track your communication with predefined quick text messages in emails, chats, and tasks. Also, you will be able to search directly from a list view, share your favorite list view with a team, and recover your unsaved texts after getting timed.

Moreover, Salesforce has finally added new opportunities for Joined Reports. In the summer release, Salesforce finally gave us the ability to view Joined Reports in Lightning, but now users will also have the ability to edit them in the Lightning Report Builder.

Another key update shows that Salesforce is committed to all aspects of customer success, including heavier stress on reaching GDPR compliance, one of the hottest topics today.

As we remember, the Spring ’18 Salesforce Release added a new standard object - Individual. So data privacy records, based on this object, allow users to store certain data privacy preferences for the customers.

Now you will be able to properly manage duplicate records for your data privacy settings. The Individual object enables you to create your own duplicate rules and matching rules to identify duplicate records.

Moreover, with the help of the Individual object, high-volume community users can store settings for data privacy utilizing sharing sets. Another advantage is that now the user will track customer preferences for consent across multiple records using the REST API.

Hopefully, those and many other new features will help users embrace the new Salesforce.


It’s a very exciting time indeed at Salesforce. The company continues to remind us of the fact that we are in the middle of

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