Food Delivery System


  • Hotel Management system is a digital system that covers ordering, payment,menu management,kitchen management,service management and sales analytics. 
  • A customer can place an order through their mobile phone by scanning a QR code placed on their table 
  • During peak hours,a single waiter usually takes care of multiple tables and this will slow down the whole process of ordering food since the waiter might be busy taking other orders.This is where our software can come in handy.Customers can place an order directly through their mobile phones,potentially eliminating the waiting time for a waiter to take an order from customers.
  • The kitchen will directly receive the orders from the customers and hence,there is no time wasted for a waiter to inform the kitchen regarding the orders. 
  • Once the items are prepared by the kitchen team,they will be displayed to the waiters for serving and hence,the waiters don’t have to go and ask ifthe orders are ready or not,thereby saving time.
  • Hotel Supervisor/Manger can also supervise allthe activities digitally,right from order,food preparation and serving. 
  • This software can be used in normal restaurants/malls/food courts/university canteens having dine-in service
  • This software can be used in restaurants having self– service facility by replacing a kiosk with customer mobile phones and also removes the necessity of standing in long queues during peak hours.
  • Customers can place order for dine-in/takeaway /home delivery.
  • SalesAnalytics such as daily,weekly,monthly, yearly sales with graphs and item-wise sales,etc.

Wesite & Apps for

Customer Website & App

We give a website, Android App and iOS app for Customer

Vedor Admin Website & App

Vendors have a admin panel and app (Andoid & iOS)

Delivery Partner App

Delivery partner can manage orders and cash via app

Super and Zone Admin Panel

Manage your entire business and zones in one dashboard